What Is the Best Mobile Phone for Surfing the Net?

in234Many phone types will allow you to surf the web – but there are several aspects to consider in order to make it a satisfying experience. Each user has different needs and expectations. If you want to navigate at high speeds, you may want to consider switching from 3G to 4G. Also, if you plan to download much, you need a plan with a high data allowance. Finally, should you aim for top performance, you should consider buying a phone that was conceived especially for surfing the net effectively.


The iPhone still seems to be the crowd’s favorite handset for web surfing. Its multi-touch technology allows for zooming, it has an excellent display for YouTube videos and has great Wi-Fi connectivity, plus GPRS/EDGE.


Motorola, although hasn’t been in the mobile phone charts lately, has a surprisingly good offer. The Motorola Q9, resembling the usual BlackBerry phones, has a high resolution display that shows web pages so much better. It has 3G network web access with full HTML. The data transmission speeds are beyond 3, 6 Mbps and has the GPS system incorporated.


Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 928, 520, 720 and 620, Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia SP, along with LG Optimus G Pro and some BlackBerry models like the Q10 have one thing in common: a large display, which makes them top choices when looking for a solid phone to browse the web with. When making your choice, remember to select also based on what is mentioned in the first paragraph: network, plan, data allowance, browsing habits etc. These phones are available across all major UK networks, get approved on a new mobile contract.

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