Iphone Watch News

iwatchThe smartwatch is a highly innovative and eccentric concept many brands have taken seriously and thus have advances their versions. All eyes now turn to Apple, as the technology giant is working on its own variety of smartwatches – and, as usual, is not leaking many details about its future release.


The Apple CEO has admitted wearable gadgets to be the next hot thing in the post-PC era. The more things one such item can do, the better. The exploration of this area has just begun. Many companies will dive in, an Apple will certainly be among them. The smartwatch is currently in development and will be called the iWatch.


The company had been testing the 1.5-inch OLED display, which was confirmed earlier this year. However, this one proved to be too large for the product in cause. Nevertheless, the glass will stay curved, as planned. Thanks to the new materials and technologies, the band can be turned into an interface for the user, because so far the usable surface is very limited. The iWatch will work on the usual iOS platform.


This wearable gadget might come with flexible display will have an integrated circuit for the screen, a processor and RAM, battery, speaker, ROM, wireless communication antenna, a power and data connector. It is not sure yet whether the future products will simply be in the shape of a band or of a regular wristwatch. Apple has been testing both possibilities and the materials and technologies to go with them.

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