Bad Credit Mobile Guide

It can be hard getting a contract phones with bad credit but here at guaranteed mobile phone contracts we have come up with the best way to do it. With our help we have given thousand of people that have been previously refused a phone contract the secrets need to be successful in re-applying. We have guided our bad credit customer to succeed for the past few years now and hopefully will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for help in increasing your chances of being accepted on a phone contract and you believe its your bad or poor credit that is holding your back then you need to read our guide.

Applying for a Contract Phone with Bad Credit Guide.

Our guide to sucess has 3 simple rules:

1. For the higest acceptance rates people with bad credit should consider applying for a SIM only deal. SIM only deals such as the one month rolling contracts that most networks now provide are a great way of building a credit history with a network before you apply for a upgrade with them. Upgrades are also have less strict measures place upon then but are only available to people who already have a contract with the network.

2. Any contract you apply for regardless of it being a SIM only contract or a contract with a free phone requires you to be realistic when choosing how much you can pay each month. As a rule of thumb we suggest to our user to keep to contracts under the £30pm limit as these yield the higher acceptance rates. Also avoid new phones that have come on to the market or iPhones as they have the highest risk to the network, therefor attracting higher levels of checks.

3. Find out which networks are currently taking on the most amount of new customers. This change for month to month. Know which network has the highest acceptance rates can really increase your chances. We provide an up to date leader-board showing which mobile network are currently taking on the most amount of new customers and can be seen here Network leaderboard.