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Samsung S4 Mini – UK Monthly Contract

Samsung_Galaxy_S4_miniBy being leaner than its predecessor, the Samsung S4 Mini is in the wish list of many people in the UK. Besides having the perfect size to be a suitable companion it provides outstanding performance along with a smooth experience. You might wonder what separates this elegant piece of engineering from other Android devices. First of all, you will be able to use smart services to fulfill your travel and health needs along with many other benefits. Sharing and playing with your friends is made easier not only because of the outstanding phone’s features but for the great communication plans provided by the carriers. After you buy a monthly plan, Inside your box and along with your phone you will also find the following items:
– USB Cable.
– Battery.
– Charger.
– User Guide.
– Hands Free Kit.

The carriers have been listening to what customers want and now you can obtain a fantastic deal from 3 particular companies: T-Mobile, Orange and Virgin. You will be able to obtain a great variety of choices when you acquire your Samsung S4 Mini, from extra cases (limited to availability and carrier) to the fantastic benefits of 4G speeds. You will not believe how fast you will be able to download and browse your favourite sites. 4G is bench marked as up to 5 times faster than 3G. A fact that’s even more important is that you need a powerful phone to make use of all the applications you will obtain with your monthly plan and this phone is certainly up to the challenge. See deals for this phone and find other phones for bad credit at

Besides being able to choose from available colours, the carriers provide you with many crucial benefits and guarantees such as:
– Return policies.
– Extended guarantees out of the box.
– Worry free insurances.
It is no wonder you will be able to find the best deals with Orange, T-Mobile, and Virgin because of all the benefits you will get besides your new portable and powerful device which is waiting for you, right now.


What Information Do You Need When Applying For A Mobile Contract In The UK

The information needed when applying for a mobile contract can vary from one network to another. This includes information you need for yourself about the contract you are about to enter to and information you need to provide to the carrier before they are willing to provide a contract for services. Some carriers offer contracts to those with bad credit, and they may require additional information.

The very minimum of information you will want to have is the details of the features of the contract, including the minutes of service and data allowances given. You will want to know what types of phones are available with the plan you choose and what they will cost. You will want to know the ongoing monthly costs and any surcharges that may be attached. You will also want information on different packages available.

There are different options with contracts, such as capped, pay-as –you-go, and full contracts. This is something you will need to check out as well. The number of minutes allowed, the amount of data, and what happens if you go over or use up your entire allowance before the month is up are also essential things to know.

To make your purchase, you need prove of residence and a picture ID. In some cases you also need prove of employment and income.  Even if you have bad credit, with the proper paperwork, many companies are willing to offer a contract for services and a new phone.


Saving money tips: PAYG Vs Pay Monthly Contract

paygMost major network would praise the benefits of a pay monthly contract over a pay as you go option. However are there claims that users save money and are offered greater benefits true. Well we have decided to give you our view on the whole situation so you can have a balanced view. Making the right choice could save you quite a bit of money over the average 2 years a mobile contract now lasts.

The main advantage to a pay as you go plans is the fact that you are not tied to a long term commitment. This is especially important for those whose circumstances are subject to change. If you will be moving, or maybe have a temporary job, or may be returning to school, a pay monthly plan may not be something you want to get involved with.

So far as costs, with most phones cost in the range of £300 to over £500 and seem only to be on the increase, it takes a lot of savings or many months to afford this level of cost. Most pay monthly mobile contracts are only a little bit more expensive than the pay as you go ones. Most of these, however, either have free phones for signing the contract, or at least a very inexpensive one.

One example is the HTC One phone. The customer does have to pay for the phone, even with the pay monthly contract. However, the phone costs only £29 and the monthly contract fee is on £32, which includes 500 minutes, 5,000 texts, and all the data you can eat. With the pay as you go option, the phone cost £549.99 and the usage costs are 30p a minute, 12p a text, £1 per day max. It’s plain to see that the monthly contract cost will be much less if you would use these max limits. The cost of PAYG is exponentially more than a basic contract.

However, If your circumstances are apt to change, or even if they feel insecure about your future, then the pay as you go plan might be preferable, but it is not cheaper. Light users can actually save money on pay as you go but most people would find there usage very restricted. To save money on the above contract PAYG customers would be limited to around 15 minutes talk time, 38 text and no data per month. PAYG packages are getting better and can help you get more usage then stated but you will still be very restricted compared to a pay monthly user. If you are only using your mobile to receive calls or are not using your phone for large periods of months at a time PAYG can have its benefits here.

Overall pay monthly contract look set to be most people best and cheapest option when getting a mobile phone contract today.


What Does Checking Your Credit Score Tell You

Banks and other lenders make use of a lot of information to decide whether to lend to you or not. The credit ratings are not universal. Each lender has its own wish list to define a perfect customer and there are no negative elements that would be considered ‘unforgivable’ by all. While one bank will boost your ability to borrow, another may limit it.


As they check your credit score, banks will know, besides your income, family size and property status,   also your data from the credit reference agency files. There will be data from electoral rolls, information about court judgements and bankruptcies, which will indicate debt problems. Also, record from other lenders who have dealt with you will be accessed. All your account data will be available, such as the transfers. If you’ve missed payments to the utility companies, this will be shown as well. British Gas, for example, provides full payment data, while E.on shares missed payments or defaults.


If you’ve had financial associations with other people, these will be known, too. In case of fraud, either committed by yourself or by someone who stole your identity, this will appear on file. There are several anti-fraud agencies that are often being simultaneously used by lenders and credit reference agencies, because errors can be frequent.


Make sure to check your credit regularly, correct any error that you notice and strive to improve your credit history, as companies scoring systems are never made public and you won’t know whether you will get rejected or approved.


Iphone Watch News

iwatchThe smartwatch is a highly innovative and eccentric concept many brands have taken seriously and thus have advances their versions. All eyes now turn to Apple, as the technology giant is working on its own variety of smartwatches – and, as usual, is not leaking many details about its future release.


The Apple CEO has admitted wearable gadgets to be the next hot thing in the post-PC era. The more things one such item can do, the better. The exploration of this area has just begun. Many companies will dive in, an Apple will certainly be among them. The smartwatch is currently in development and will be called the iWatch.


The company had been testing the 1.5-inch OLED display, which was confirmed earlier this year. However, this one proved to be too large for the product in cause. Nevertheless, the glass will stay curved, as planned. Thanks to the new materials and technologies, the band can be turned into an interface for the user, because so far the usable surface is very limited. The iWatch will work on the usual iOS platform.


This wearable gadget might come with flexible display will have an integrated circuit for the screen, a processor and RAM, battery, speaker, ROM, wireless communication antenna, a power and data connector. It is not sure yet whether the future products will simply be in the shape of a band or of a regular wristwatch. Apple has been testing both possibilities and the materials and technologies to go with them.


What Is the Best Mobile Phone for Surfing the Net?

in234Many phone types will allow you to surf the web – but there are several aspects to consider in order to make it a satisfying experience. Each user has different needs and expectations. If you want to navigate at high speeds, you may want to consider switching from 3G to 4G. Also, if you plan to download much, you need a plan with a high data allowance. Finally, should you aim for top performance, you should consider buying a phone that was conceived especially for surfing the net effectively.


The iPhone still seems to be the crowd’s favorite handset for web surfing. Its multi-touch technology allows for zooming, it has an excellent display for YouTube videos and has great Wi-Fi connectivity, plus GPRS/EDGE.


Motorola, although hasn’t been in the mobile phone charts lately, has a surprisingly good offer. The Motorola Q9, resembling the usual BlackBerry phones, has a high resolution display that shows web pages so much better. It has 3G network web access with full HTML. The data transmission speeds are beyond 3, 6 Mbps and has the GPS system incorporated.


Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 928, 520, 720 and 620, Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia SP, along with LG Optimus G Pro and some BlackBerry models like the Q10 have one thing in common: a large display, which makes them top choices when looking for a solid phone to browse the web with. When making your choice, remember to select also based on what is mentioned in the first paragraph: network, plan, data allowance, browsing habits etc. These phones are available across all major UK networks, get approved on a new mobile contract.


Nokia 207 And 208: Our First Look

Nokia-207-208Nokia are launching some new budget phones in the coming months, the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 will be Nokia budget offering for the late half of the year. Though Smartphones continue to rule the market, feature phones also have their place. Nokia has announced the release of the 207 and 208, with features not previously seen. They are scheduled to become available in late 2013. The low price and extra features seen only in more expensive phones will possibly make these a major seller. Let take a look at the specification of the Nokia 207 and 208.


The cases come in for bold colors, black, white, red, and blue. They have rounded corners with back covers that are removable. The case is said to be splash-proof with a keyboard without gaps so no dirt or contaminants will be introduced. They weigh in at 89.63 g (207) and 90.59 g (208). Dimensions are 114.2 x 50.9 x 12.8 mm.

Display, Memory, and Power

The display is a 2.4” screen with QVGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels), which is very high quality. With SD card, memory is up to 32GB. Flash memory is 256 MB.  The 207 accepts a single SIM and the 208 accepts a double SIM. The battery, a 1020mAh, gives talk time of up to 12 hours and standby time of 30 days. This is much better than that of any of the Smartphones.

Camera and Connectivity

Though 207, doesn’t have a camera, the 208 has a 1.2 M pixel one. It is 3G, with Bluetooth. Both phones should be available across all major UK network on the release date..

Extra Features

These powerful little models comes with a micro USB, a 3.5 MM AV connection, and headphone supports. A big extra is the low price phone market, which makes it all the more appealing. Both phones would team up well with a sim only pay monthly contract deal and should be a strong contender for anyone struggling to get accepted on a mobile contract. Great for people with poor credit or bad credit, If you are finding it hard to get approved on a mobile contract you can check out for helpful tips and advice on applying for a new mobile contract.


Best Selling Mobile Phones of 2013

bp234Technology seems to be at its hottest when mobile phones are concerned. Everybody speaks of smartphones, Windows phones and iPhones, of apps and so on. Surprisingly many people are willing to spend impressive amounts on cash on one such gadget. Some others replace phones as often as they can or whenever they see a new tempting model.


If you are wondering what brand and type hasn’t let consumers down or are simply curios to know what really sells, we provide you with the current charts. In 2013, the best selling mobile phones are:


  • HTC One – the most desirable, has a sleek metallic body that puts to shame most other phones, an UltraPixel camera and overall works much better than the previous ones. HTC One costs £549 and already sold 20 million pieces worldwide this year.


  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – the best to get on Android, has a 13MP camera, huge 5-inch screen, quad-core processor and a lot of incredible apps and features. The price is around £580.


  • iPhone 5 – this high-end gadget has the operating system, iOS, as its main strength. The apps are the best you can get, and its appearance hasn’t changed since 2007. Regular price is £549.


  • Sony Xperia Z – water resistant, it has a 5-inch Full HD screen perfect for watching movies, a quad-core processor of 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera. Price is set at £549.


  • Nokia Lumia 620 – the best Windows Phone 8, is also a budget phone, very well made, with real smartphone functionality and priced at £150 only. The sales so far are estimated at 40 million pieces.


All these phones are available here on a 24 month mobile contract but get them fast as they are selling like hot cakes.


Where to find no credit check mobiles in the UK

If you are looking for no credit check mobiles then you will want to check out the site This site is a great resource for anyone having a hardtime getting a mobile phone contract in today ecomonic market. They offer advice on where you can find low cost contracts which offer you some amazing handset with all the latest technology as well as a usable amout of minuites, text and data. The advise on how to sort out any credit issues that may be holding your application back. They also provide you with a place where you can apply for a contract phone with out the need to pass a credit check which is great for people with realy really bad credit.

The up points of this site is that there advice is sound and helpfull with links to only the majour UK mobile networks, so you know your not being conned when filling out your application. There is no forced sell on a particular handset on these sites, they do advise SIM only contract if you have a phone already but part from that they advise sticking to contracts below £25. This means that if your an app fan or an android buff you wont have to go with a phone thats not for you.

Down side of the site is that the advice is very general and short in places. They dont carry out ant of the application process on the site so you have to leave the site to complete your application.You have to make sure you read the advice before you apply, so make notes because when you do come to apply in will be on another site. The no credit check phone contracts application link is very hard to find and once you see the cost of the contracts it can be very off putting. The contracts with a handset do seem to be a little pricy but that is becasue of the lack of credit checks so is to be exspected.