Best Selling Mobile Phones of 2013

bp234Technology seems to be at its hottest when mobile phones are concerned. Everybody speaks of smartphones, Windows phones and iPhones, of apps and so on. Surprisingly many people are willing to spend impressive amounts on cash on one such gadget. Some others replace phones as often as they can or whenever they see a new tempting model.


If you are wondering what brand and type hasn’t let consumers down or are simply curios to know what really sells, we provide you with the current charts. In 2013, the best selling mobile phones are:


  • HTC One – the most desirable, has a sleek metallic body that puts to shame most other phones, an UltraPixel camera and overall works much better than the previous ones. HTC One costs £549 and already sold 20 million pieces worldwide this year.


  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – the best to get on Android, has a 13MP camera, huge 5-inch screen, quad-core processor and a lot of incredible apps and features. The price is around £580.


  • iPhone 5 – this high-end gadget has the operating system, iOS, as its main strength. The apps are the best you can get, and its appearance hasn’t changed since 2007. Regular price is £549.


  • Sony Xperia Z – water resistant, it has a 5-inch Full HD screen perfect for watching movies, a quad-core processor of 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera. Price is set at £549.


  • Nokia Lumia 620 – the best Windows Phone 8, is also a budget phone, very well made, with real smartphone functionality and priced at £150 only. The sales so far are estimated at 40 million pieces.


All these phones are available here on a 24 month mobile contract but get them fast as they are selling like hot cakes.

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