Sim Only Deals

If you Suffer from bad credit and are looking for the best way to get a phone contract then you should try a SIM only deal. SIM only deals are great ways for people that have never had a mobile contract before or have a poor credit history get a phone contract. The reasons they are so great for these types of customers is because of there high acceptance rates and flexibility of the contract life. Unlike a mobile contract with a phone that are usually only available on 18 month or 24 month contracts SIM on contracts start from as small as 30 days. This flexibly is great for people that are not always certain about their cash flow or for customer wanting to try a network before committing to a longer contract with a phone. below you will see the networks that offer bad credit SIM only deals and by click on the images below it will take you our acceptance rate leaderboard where you can see which network is providing the highest acceptance rate right now at well as links to the mobile network pages.

 Pros and Cons Of SIM Only Deals

A lot of our user want to know all the pro and cons of applying for a SIM only deal. SO we have decided we would outline all the pro and cons in one easy quick glance list so you know what you are getting before you apply.


* Cheap than PAYG
* Available with a short or long contract life
* Great value for money
* High acceptance rates
* Improve your chance of being accepted on a contract with a free phone later
* let you get to know the network you choose


* No free phone
* Charged even if its under used
* Reapplying if you have been refused SIM deal is the same as reapplying if you have been refused a phone contract.