What Information Do You Need When Applying For A Mobile Contract In The UK

The information needed when applying for a mobile contract can vary from one network to another. This includes information you need for yourself about the contract you are about to enter to and information you need to provide to the carrier before they are willing to provide a contract for services. Some carriers offer contracts to those with bad credit, and they may require additional information.

The very minimum of information you will want to have is the details of the features of the contract, including the minutes of service and data allowances given. You will want to know what types of phones are available with the plan you choose and what they will cost. You will want to know the ongoing monthly costs and any surcharges that may be attached. You will also want information on different packages available.

There are different options with contracts, such as capped, pay-as –you-go, and full contracts. This is something you will need to check out as well. The number of minutes allowed, the amount of data, and what happens if you go over or use up your entire allowance before the month is up are also essential things to know.

To make your purchase, you need prove of residence and a picture ID. In some cases you also need prove of employment and income.  Even if you have bad credit, with the proper paperwork, many companies are willing to offer a contract for services and a new phone.

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