Guaranteed Phone Contracts

Nobody likes to be rejected when applying for a phone contract; wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could get a guaranteed phone contract? Well we specialize in helping people get the phone contract they want. Our aim is to give you the help and guidance you need when applying to get you that little bit closer to successfully applying for a mobile phone contract. With our help you can increase your chance of being approved by following a simple set of steps outlined below.  These steps have be tried and test in helping people with bad credit get a mobile phone contract. It has also been very helpful in significantly increasing the acceptance rates of all our customers across the board.

Step 1

Make sure you apply for your next phone contract using the networks websites direct. When it comes to applying for a phone deal or a SIM only deal it is always best to use the network sites as getting a deal direct with a network rather than a retail shop reduce the cost to the network. This means they will be much more likely to accept your application. Some networks also have a much higher acceptance rate than others and they are always changing. So it is always best to know which mobile company is offering the highest acceptance rate right now. You can do this by going to our acceptance rate page following this link.

Step 2

For the best chance of being guaranteed a phone contract you need to be realistic with the contract that you apply for. The latest phones out are often the hardest to get accepted on because they are often the most expensive for the networks to give away. So when it comes to finding the perfect contract for you should try to keep the monthly cost below £30 on a phone that has been out for at least a few months. Additionally to this rule customers with bad credit should try and avoid applying for iPhone contracts. Applying for an iPhone with bad credit is almost always going to get you refused a mobile phone contract. This is because they are one of the most expensive phones to the networks and often have expensive contracts which both require you to be rigorously credit checked.

Step 3

If you are looking for a guaranteed phone contracts then you should consider building up your trust with a selected network first. This can be easily done with a SIM only contract. If you suffer from bad credit or have never had a phone contract before the chances are that you have already heard of the benefits of SIM only contracts. You can find a lot of places that promote them because of their high acceptance rates which are very true, but that’s not the best thing about SIM Only contracts. These deals offer a connection with the network. You get to try their services and they get to know you as a customer and contract lengths start from as low as 30 days.  After a few months most networks will try to contact you regarding an upgrade to a phone contract with a free phone which you will have already been approved for. For a lot of our user this takes away the hassle and damaging affect of re-applying for a phone contract.